The Amazing Career of Sheldon Lavin

There are very few CEOs who are as well respected as Sheldon Lavin. He has pretty much done everything that a successful businessman can do. He has achieved goals that very few people would have thought possible. He has been able to do these things because of his enormous passion for what he does for a living. He enjoys his job. He also gets pleasure out of making deals and making his company bigger. Lavin is the man who is in charge of OSI Group. This is a company that is mainly known for producing a wide variety of meats.

Sheldon Lavin became the CEO of OSI Group after becoming friends with a guy named Otto who ran the company. At that point, it consisted of only a single factory that was located on the outskirts of Chicago. From these very humble beginnings, Lavin created a massive company that spans the globe. Lavin decided to buy a piece of the company after helping to get Otto the money he needed to update the machinery in his meat factory. He figured that he had the skills to make the company much more successful than it already was. He turned out to be right. Sheldon Lavin quickly expanded the company into other states. The response from customers around the United States was beyond his wildest expectations.

He kept opening new factories. He would use the same strategy every time. He would make sure that there was no competition around any of his factories. This made OSI Group the only game in town. He would choose cities that did not have very good economies. This is because Sheldon knew that opening up an OSI Group factory in these towns would help to create jobs. This was his unique way of helping these poor communities. The legacy of Sheldon Lavin will be the company that he helped to build. OSI Group is now in many other countries around the world. Sheldon has accomplished his business goal of making the company a global success. There are very few people who could have done this. Lavin is a very gifted businessman.