The Career Of Peter Briger From Goldman Sachs To Fortress Investment Group

Being an important figure at Goldman Sachs for 15 years, Peter Briger made a name for himself in the financial industry, his status increasing even further when he jumped ship to Fortress Investment Group in 2002 – a firm that he continues to work for to this day (serving as co-chairman of the Board of Directors and also being a principal). During his years at Goldman Sachs, Briger was a member on the Asian Management committee, as well as the Japan Executive and Global Control and Compliance committees, with his work focusing on Asia. More specifically, his work involved real estate and debt vehicles. This experience with the Asian market played an important role at Fortress when the firm was acquired by Softbank, a Japanese banking conglomerate, in 2017 to the tune of $3.3 billion.

Despite the firm getting acquired, Fortress continues to function independently, and Peter Briger alongside other important figures remained at the helm. Peter Briger’s academic resume includes him attending Princeton for undergrad, and he also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration, received from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Besides his involvement in the financial world, he is also part of the board at Princeton University Investment Company, Caliber Schools, and has also been a financial supporter of Central park Conservancy. He has also supported Tipping Point, which is a non-profit organization that serves the low-income families within the San Francisco area.

When it comes to his involvement with Princeton, Peter Briger alongside two other alumni established a funding program designed to assist the University’s alumni and their startup companies. The program was named the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund, and aims to help alumni turn their creative ideas into reality by offering them matching seed funds of up to $100,000. Briger talked about the initiative, noting that he believes the time is right for it at Princeton. He also pointed out that the world is at a special point and time, with businesses as well as business models being disrupted. Briger stated that Princeton should help students prepare for this, and that the fund will help create ties with people.