The Career Path of Ashley Lightspeed

An American entrepreneur, Ashley Lightspeed, is an investor. She is currently a member of Lightspeed Ventures Partners. Lightspeed Ventures deals in cloud computing, Bitcoin, finance, and it is also a venture capital firm. Previously, Ashley worked as product personnel and consultant at Thumbtack and Bain & Company respectively. At Bain, she used her consulting role in customer simulations. At Thumbtack, she was responsible for overseeing customer services in the company’s Events and Wedding section.

She studied Bachelors of Arts between 2008 and 2012 at Duke University. In 2018, she graduated with MBA from Stanford Continuing Studies. During her childhood years, Ashley Lightspeed was passionate about architecture. The influence originated from her architect father. However, she was not destined for that world. While pursuing her studies abroad, she ventured into the business of prototyping. Her position at Thumbtack exposed her to the knowledge of prototyping because it is the strategy that the firm utilizes to collect customer feedback, generate ideas, as well as in product advancements. See More about Ashley Lightspeed at Bloomberg

Ashley’s involvement with the activities of Thumbtack gave her the courage to help other growing firms to realize their goals. She specializes in the development of new ideas by crafting, an endeavor that has helped to sharpen her skills in the business of prototyping.

Ashley Lightspeed joined Lightspeed Ventures Partners upon the completion of her MBA programme. She joined the firm alongside four other women. They all took up different roles and also introduced a 50% ration. In the beginning, the firm had only two female members of staff. Thankfully, her participation in client support helped to speed up the investment activities of Lightspeed Ventures Partners.

For someone who is just beginning her career, Ashley has an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Having been instrumental in the development of top-ranked organizations in the last few years, the future of Lightspeed Ventures is undoubtedly bright with her involvement.