The Nucleus Of Creativity: Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is a renowned marketing and advertising consultant. He has been in the field for almost 4 decades; assisting numerous organizations and firms along the way. The marketing expert has served as Chief Executive Officer and President for several companies.

Recently, Gustavo sat with to discuss the advertising industry, his career, and other things. He begins the interview by elaborating on the word consulting.

By explaining that consulting provides elite services and strategies, he correlates it directly with the marketing and advertising field. Gustavo Martinez states that the bulk of his career has been focused largely on the art of advertising. Creativity has been the nucleus of his longevity. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

One interesting point he made; was that the most creative people don’t fit well in a traditional 9-to-5 situation. The marketing and advertising consultant advises that these individuals are better suited as independent contractors. As an independent contractor, creativity isn’t stifled or suppressed. Every year there is a new crop of college graduates and Gustavo is constantly searching for creative masterminds in each graduating class.

The average day for the expert begins around 7 AM. His first few waking hours are spent with family. By 9 AM, Gustavo is generally in his office preparing for the day.

With creativity being the center of marketing and advertising, Martinez believes that diversity and a strong team creates creative answers. His ability to listen and remain generous is something that has helped him remain successful for so long.

Gustavo Martinez is a long time philanthropist who enjoys genuinely giving. He makes the point that there is a distinct difference between giving with anticipation of a return, and giving to give.

Gustavo’s company is constantly scouring for elite creative talent. What he calls a vigorous recruiting process is what has assisted his company in remaining a top contender.

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