The Return of the Mighty Gumps


San Francisco has been home to a historic retailer for quite some time now. The store name probably sounds very familiar to collectors of freshwater pearls and jade. Perhaps people that enjoy lavish home decor will be familiar with this retailer too? We are talking about Gumps. Let’s take a look at this retailer’s history, beginning in the 19th century.

In 1861 the first Gumps store was founded in San Francisco. Customers flooded the place. There were quite a few historic figures of great prominence that shopped there. Franklin D. Roosevelt preferred to purchase model ships from Gumps. French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt bought a Chinese snake statue from the seventeenth century made of pure bronze! This store has carried some unique items indeed.

The store was known for selling jewelry, precious gemstones, home decor, and designer brands such as Hermes. The store has some historic moments throughout its existence it has been said that Franklin D. Roosevelt purchased two items out of the store.

When the 1950s rolled around, Gumps did what many retailers did and opened a catalog component. Three-quarters of the retailer’s business would be from this catalog division until they began to struggle like many other brick and mortar retailers within the 2019 market. Visit This Page for more information.

In steps John and Diane Chachas. Since around 2007 or so they had been members of an investment group that provided capital to Gumps. Now they are stepping in and have purchased the entire operation! Just when it looked like Gumps would become a page in a history book, a whole new generation of luxury shoppers will be introduced to it via the website and also storefronts. There is even supposed to be an NYC storefront.

Merchandise will likely be just as interesting as it ever was with offerings to appeal to younger consumers too. Diane Chachas is not totally sure where the new San Francisco location will be, but they plan to have it opened in time to greet the 2019 holiday shopping season for the Bay area regulars that enjoy it so much.


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