Wireless Companies Should Beware Of FreedomPop And Their Low Prices

Many wireless companies have the idea that because they are popular that many customers will flock to them for services, but low prices are what runs the market these days. No other wireless company knows how to keep prices low like FreedomPop, and this is why FreedomPop has continued to thrive over the years. After introducing the free cell phone service, FreedomPop went on to create more services, including the unlimited everything plan that comes with unlimited data, talk, and text messages for only $19.99 per month.


Many companies will find every and any reason to jack up their prices, which is why a lot of people have turned their back on their previous cell phone provider to go to FreedomPop. There is hardly a FreedomPop review that can be read that doesn’t state something about the cell phone services because they are such a popular commodity at the company. With different phone services ranging in price from being free of cost all the way up to $20, who wouldn’t want to join to become a FreedomPop customer?


There is a paid service plan for $10.99 from FreedomPop, and this service includes unlimited talk and text messages. The data on this plan is 500 MB, so those who are in need of extra data will have to consider the usage of their data. Anyone who wants to receive data for free can choose to complete offers from FreedomPop or can use Wi-Fi services. FreedomPop also has their own Wi-Fi for those who have no access to Wi-Fi of their own. The Wi-Fi service is only a flat fee of five dollars per month.


Using the Wi-Fi services from FreedomPop puts customers at an advantage because they can use it for their cell phone services exclusively, which means that all of their texts, talk time, and data will be used through the Wi-Fi service. Since the service only costs five dollars a month, that’s all that the user will need to pay to continue using FreedomPop services on their cell phone when they use the Wi-Fi service.  Since the data is limited to 500 MB, there are ways to add extra data to the plan.




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  1. The fact that the price has stayed at under $20 is still impressive. The free cell phone plan from FreedomPop is still being offered with 200 minutes of talk time and unlimited text messages. It also very important that the essay writing service did not prove anything outside what just happened.

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