Toyo Setal Author of Many Programs to Improve Sustainability

Improving the Quality of the Planet

Some of the most remarkable work done in recent years has been the amount of time, effort, and money spent on the environment and its natural resources. The purpose of these added funds was to preserve them for future generations. The terms attached to this work is called sustainable practices, the result has far-reaching consequences to the land, seas, and skies of the world, but also has a great impact on the people who have yet to inhabit the earth; that is, those yet to be born and make a way of life.

Today any Engineering or Construction work, as a rule, keep sustainability in mind as they carry out their work. Toyo Setal has a philosophy about sustainability that captures the essential meaning of using the environment without reducing the natural resource being used. Toyo Setal believes that future generations should have available to them the same resources we use, and they, in turn, have obligations to their future generations. In other words, sustainability sees the planet as a place mankind uses and not one we own.

Toyo Setal’ Present Sustainable Practices

• Rescue And Reassignment of Endangered Animals
• Transplant endangered trees and shrubs
• Planting new seedlings after deforestation
• Educate Public on Environment
• Archaeological Education Programs
• Working With Children’s Programs
• Train Public Environmental Experts
• Ongoing Water Analysis to avoid Contamination
• Monitoring Environmental Resouces
• Monitoring Regional Flora and Fauna
• Programs to Educate at Many Levels of Education
• Transfer endangered plants, shrubs, trees, and animals

Efficient Use of Resources

One principle used by Toyo Setal is to use the resources around us in a smart and efficient way while keeping the quality of their sustainability intact while occupying their space. This kind of stewardship towards natural resources as Toyo Setal practices and recommends, can only be possible thru reasonable planning and understanding of how the environment can be used effectively.

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We Aim to Improve Memory with Prevagen and Other Natural Remedies

With Prevagen, we aim to improve the memory of people who are losing their ability to remember things. It is a dietary supplement that is formulated to be safe and improve brain function.

It doesn’t require a prescription, and it helps to improve memory in clinical trials. It can be bought in 1000’s of shops all over the country.

Outside the use of Prevagen, there are steps you can take to improve your memory. Down below we will list nine ways to improve brain health and memory. The first of the nine ways to improve brain health is exercise.

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Exercising is said to be good for your body in many ways, but one thing exercise is good for is your brain. Getting enough exercise can improve your mental health and improve your brain neurologically.

Another important habit for your brain is eating healthy. Healthy nutrition is good for your whole body, but did you know it’s also good for your brain? A big part of eating healthy is getting enough vitamins and minerals.

To do this, you should eat a wide selection of fruits and vegetables. Some examples would be leafy greens, other vegetables and fruit.

Moderating or limiting alcohol is another way to improve brain function. Even moderate alcohol consumption can shrink the part of your brain responsible for memory. It is suggested women drink no more than one alcoholic beverage per day, and men should drink no more than two alcoholic beverages per day.

Drinking more than the recommended maximum of drinks per day can increase your risk of developing dementia. Dementia is a serious and life threatening disease that significantly impairs memory.

Smoking is also serious. It can impact your brain by reducing grey matter and increasing your risk of dementia. It’s highly addictive and may require you to seek help.

Your brain needs stimulation to preserve memory. Try to think of it as a brain workout. You can exercise your brain by participating in games and hobbies. You could try learning new things or building stuff to stimulate your brain.

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Socializing and getting ouside are also great ways to improve brain health. Isolation is terrible for the brain, so it’s good to hang out with friends and family.

Your brain needs sleep to function. This is a well known fact, but did you know your brain needs it for retaining memory as well? The recommended number of hours to sleep is seven to nine hours a night.

Many people struggle to meet this demand. Without sleep you can’t form new memories or remove toxins inside your body. To maintain good sleeping habits, it’s s good idea to find ways to reduce stress, cut back on caffeine, and limit caffeine intake before bed.

 Reducing stress like we mentioned before is highly important to healthy brain function. Some ways to heighten your brain’s functioning is through meditation, deep breathing and yoga. Taking trips out in nature can also be highly effective at reducing stress.

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Betsy DeVos and Nonexistent Fear

Have you seen the news concerning the new education reform bills? US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been working since her appointment in 2017 to bring more educational choice options to different states. However, since states control education legislature, DeVos has not been able to get legislation approved in every state. In an interview in 2018, she spoke about the issues with education reform in US and how she plans to handle it throughout the last leg of her term.


Betsy DeVos has always been interested in education reform. She got her degree in business economics at Calvin College in 1979, and at the same time, she worked on President Gerald Ford’s campaign. She was close to the Republican Party, and she fought hard for students’ rights in her own state of Michigan. However, even as the Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, it was difficult to get legislation passed for education reform. Her “Kids First! Coalition” bill was blocked in 2001.


Now that she is the leader of education reform as the US Education Secretary, she is continuing her campaign for education reform and educational choice. She recently toured schools in Florida and other states with the First Lady Melania Trump. Her message was simple. She wants to put students first and give them the best shot at education in America.


Despite the reports of testing scores going up in the United States, other statistical information shows the opposite. Test scores do not seem to reflect the state of education as a whole in the United States, which has been falling rapidly in the past few years. Currently, the United States ranks in the 65th percentile for education around the world. Many third world countries actually rank far higher.


So what is the issue?


Betsy DeVos points out that many administrations have had their own hand in creating these issues, but it started with the reliance on standardized testing and resources for schools. Without the proper grades, schools are forced to accept lower and lower resources based on their standardized testing scores. If students do not perform well that year, then it is guaranteed that the school will receive less funding. This cyclical problem has created many schools where students are not able to get ahead.


This has been the main reason for educational choice advocacy, which is what Betsy DeVos has wanted since taking office. She points out in an interview that Florida and Louisiana are the best states for educational choice. Students are able to pick where they want to go to school, and they don’t necessarily have to pay tuition in certain states. For example, Florida has a tuition-based scholarship program where students can get a percentage of their tuition paid.


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Dashing To The Finish Line With Darien Dash

Darien Dash is the Chief Executive Officer for The Movement Management Firm. He is also the founder of the company. The entrepreneur first created his own business as a freshman in college. This first endeavor would be a record label that had immediate success; and created a platform for future dealings. Within two decades of entering college, Darien Dash had established himself as the go-to person for digital marketing and internet strategies. His most recent venture is The Movement Management Firm. The company specializes in business strategies and financial guidance; in industries such as sports, entertainment, and market capital.

The concept for his company comes from his long history of advising CEOs, professional athletes, and the marketing industry. Dash felt that it was the natural progression of his career to create his own firm. Much of the marketing expert’s day-to-day operations over the last 15 years has been influencing and teaching; so he created a company to duplicate his efforts. The average day for Darien Dash starts early. In a recent interview, he states that his phone begins ringing at 7 AM, and doesn’t stop ringing until 10 PM at night. He also praises his solid team of staff; because they are vital to the execution of company goals.

One thing that Darien Dash prides himself on is being in a position to help anyone who needs it. This is evident through his client population. Some of his clients are in the very early stages of their careers, and others have been around for a while. He states that the company has grown over the years with it’s clients; so the process has been organic. To know more about Darien visit

One thing that the marketing expert has noticed a change in has been the increase of African American executives and female entrepreneurs. Dash mentions that when he first started out, minorities were not the biggest population in terms of business CEOs and executives. This influx of black-owned businesses and female leaders has done marvelous things; to many industries, he expresses. Ownership and accountability are key components in The Movement Management Firm. Darien Dash keeps a busy schedule, but offers advice and help whenever he can.

OSI Food Solutions Purchases Another Food Packing Company

OSI Food Solutions Purchases Another Food Packing Company

For decades, OSI has been the largest food solutions company in the world. Originally founded as a small meat market by a German immigrant in Chicago, IL, OSI Food Solutions is now a global food juggernaut operating in more than 15 countries.

One of its most recent acquisitions is the Rose Packing Co., Inc. in Barrington, IL. Rose Packing has been in the industry nearly as long as OSI and specializes in pork products. Though the financial terms of the deal were never made public, many speculated in the following weeks after the announcement was made.

OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909; Rose Packing was founded in 1924, and both were founded in family neighborhoods in Chicago. Over the years, OSI Food Solutions grew exponentially larger than Rose thanks to its personal and professional connections to McDonald’s, but Rose Packing earned its own reputation in the Midwest.

At the start of the acquisition, Rose has over 700 employees and produced some of the finest pork products in the region. The company offered some of the highest-quality Canadian bacon, hams, ethnic sausages, Guinness beer brats, breakfast sausages, meatballs, burgers patties, loins, chops, ribs, boneless turkey, and pork shoulder; not to mention the dozen or so pizza and salad toppings.

OSI North America Senior Executive Vice President Kevin Scott recently talked about how excited he is that the two longtime companies will finally join together. From a strategic standpoint, adding Rose Packing to OSI Food Solutions’ existing business will allow the company to provide new processing capabilities.

When it comes to acquiring such a longstanding company, it’s important to make sure to have the right people in charge of the transition period. For that reason, CEO of Rose Packing Dwight Stiehl and other members of the management team will stay on throughout the sensitive transition.

Like Scott, Stiehl is excited that the two companies are finally working together. Combined, they have over two centuries of experience. Learn More:

USHEALTH Group Shares Fun Facts About The Human Brain

Most people don’t often think of their brains but it’s the most amazing organ in the body. Every thought and feeling we have occurs in the brain, pain in the body is registered by the brain, and simple things like reading a book entirely rely on it. People have been studying the brain for thousands of years, although for most of those years researchers had no idea what they were looking at.

USHEALTH Group released an article to share just how awe-inspiring our brains are. In 1993, an organization was founded just to research and celebrate it. This is the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. It is now a global organization that has more than 600 members. Their goal is to spread information about this organ in a way that regular people can understand.

This organization hosts events throughout the year. Among their events in the United States are the New York City Regional Brain Bee Competition and Cognitive Fitness at Work. Their biggest annual events take place during Brain Awareness Week. This annual event was established in 1996 and now thousands of organizations are taking part. The events are held in 44 U.S. states and 42 other nations.

Check out USHealth Group on Youtube channel.

Each organization recognizes Brain Awareness Week in their own way. This can include social media campaigns, library displays, open-houses at neuroscience labs, and workshops held at universities, among other events.

USHEALTH Group shared some fun facts about the human brain. For example, it weighs just three pounds on average. 75% of this weight is water. This explains why keeping hydrated is so important for brain health. By the time an infant has reached age one, their brains have tripled in size. It grows until the teenage years and then starts to shrink later in life.

There is evidence that as far back as the Stone Age people were attempting to perform brain surgery. When the Egyptians would prepare a body to be mummified, they pulled the person’s brain out through their nose.

About 20% of the blood and oxygen in the body is used by the brain. It contains around 100 billion neurons. Signals between these neurons can occur at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour.

It is commonly thought that people only use 10% of their brains. This isn’t true at all. Even when someone is sleeping, the brain is using 10% of its size. Most of the brain is used at some point every day.

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Clement Perrette and Sharon Prince Are Both Renowned for Protecting the Environment

Sharon Prince and Clement Perrette are both famous for establishing charities that fight to protect the environment. Clement is also the creator of the beautiful Call of the Blue initiative. Call of the Blue dedicates itself to protecting aquatic fauna.

At the same time, Clement Perrette made his fortune in the finance sector. Remember, the act of trading goes back towards the dawn of currency, bartering, and also the beginning of the bank structure. However, new technological developments have brought about numerous fresh investing choices that have only arisen within the past few decades.

As an illustration, STRIPS are thought to be unusual because they offer traders a single repayment at the time of their maturity. This kind of simpleness generates a perfect scenario for specific traders who are starting to explore the world of investing. Hence, STRIPS could help investors who may be relatively confused by the number of choices present inside the investing sector.

As an immediate consequence of his specialist initiatives, Perrette helps to improve the organizations that he works with and enables them to become some of the very best in the business. Although Perrette’s considerable experience includes working in numerous organizations and supervising different financial functions, he has now arrived in one of the top administration positions. Perrette’s impressive achievement of starting STRIPS has defined him as a crucial participant in the world of finance.

Furthermore, Mr. Perrette has helped to improve the overall progress of the financial world. Within the investing and trading area, various specialists operate to firm up the nationwide marketplaces. Thus, Clement Perrette Barclays developed numerous systems that are required to maintain a flourishing market.

Clement Perrette has also developed a plan to help those who are looking for investment advice. Hence, Clement frequently educates investors. Mr. Perrette moreover has done some outstanding work towards improving how the financial industry functions.

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MAGFAST Takes Powering Up to the Next Level

If you’re looking for a way to charge all your wireless devices quickly and safely, it’s a great time to check out MAGFAST Chargers. Through the use of magnets and chargers that are compatible with any wireless device, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power. The chargers are so powerful that they’re able to charge each other, so you’ll save on electrical usage and waste. MAGFAST also uses and 11-point safety system to ensure that all your devices and your home are protected from any problems stemming from electrical issues.

These products were developed by Seymour Segnit who felt there was a need to reduce the bulk and mess that was involved with having to use so many pieces to complete such a simple task. He contracted with scientists to develop a product; however, he ended up completing the process on his own. Fortunately, the idea went over so well that he’s been able to raise well over his crowdfunding goal in just 15 minutes, online. Segnit is currently offering the products on a pre-order basis to backers.

Some products that you’ll find with MAGFAST include the following items:

  • MAGFAST Life Extreme
  • MAGFAST Road
  • MAGFAST Wall

A notable product is the MAGFAST Wall that allows your mobile device to sit on top of a traditional wall outlet to charge. You’ll still have access to the outlet through its intelligent design. Adapters are included, so you’ll never have to worry about compatibility issues.

MAGFAST is offering their products through an invitation basis to become a backer of the product. Segnit also offers a video presentation on the MAGFAST website that highlights all the products and how they work. Segnit is an Oxford University graduate and has a history of entrepreneurial ventures including a Silicon Valley startup and working with a radio show in the UK. More information about the opportunity can be found on the MAGFAST website located at

How Experience In Marketing Helps Create A Good Consultant

Gustavo Martinez believes the sector of marketing is different than any other job because success depends on a person’s creative process. Martinez has proven his creativity and unique style has led to good marketing results. Martinez believes many creative people prefer their independence and freedom. He feels like a consultant he achieves the freedom to help his creativity. He feels working as a consultant offers flexibility. Martinez believes a person being recognized for good work will help motivate a person. He will attempt to match personnel with the work or campaigns individuals like.


Gustavo Martinez believes people should learn from their mistakes. He is always willing to learn to obtain the knowledge to meet challenges and make improvements. Martinez is a passionate individual who likes sharing his knowledge to individuals. He believes in new technology but some of the skills existing in the marketing sector should not be overlooked. He still believes it is important for individuals to be patient and willing to talk with other people regarding ideas. A person should be willing to learn ideas from other people. Martinez believes a person must be able to recognize the value in another individual. It will lead to success.


Gustavo Martinez utilizes his team to come up with ideas. He feels the diversity of his team along with his inspiration is what lead to good ideas. He is an active listener. He believes active listening allows him to hear people ideas and helps him be more productive. Martinez believes to succeed a person must identify the needs of their clients. Gustavo Martinez people must have good working environment that allows them to share ideas. He has a diversified team that helps with creating ideas. Point of views to a variety of ideas is heard. A person must be willing to listen.


Gustavo Martinez knows motivation and recognition will help people become successful. He feels its important to have a person recognized for accomplishments achieved. His over 35 years of experience has been able to obtain skills that he willing to share. He understands people should be always willing to improve and learn. Marketing changes and a person must be able to learn new techniques to help them achieve good results.

Gustavo Martinez believes people should be patient and be willing to learn from their mistakes. Martinez believes in a quote by Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts,” He believes the quote means the direction a person is going is more important than failure. He has shown that he is willing to spend $100 for dinner with family. Family is very important to Martinez. His work as a consultant had him involved with business acceleration. He was able to help startups make effective marketing campaigns. He shows startups the importance of analytics and how it will help maximize their marketing effort. Martinez has built trust with a work ethic and reputation he has built with years of experience. Many businesses understand he will provide an effort that will be near perfection.


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