A Splendid Taste For Fashion With Glenn Schlossberg

Glenn Scholossberg is a Chief Executive Officer in the Manhattan fashion realm. He spends time traveling back-and-forth between America and other various countries for his designing inspirations. Jump Design Group serves as a fashion composite that caters to women. The fashion mogul states that New York City has played a major role in his success. He believes that New York is a melting pot of coexisting industries and cross-marketing. The connections that Glenn Scholossberg has been able to make while being in New York has propelled his career tremendously.

According to weeklyopinion.com, the big apple is such a vibrant city he exclaims. Having the right attitude and plan can take you far if you put in the work. Glenn’s Family owned a string of dress making shops while he was growing up. His patents are still in the fashion business today. He paired his experience from his family business with a new idea to form Jump Design Group. After creating a proposal and gathering a small investment, he got the attention of Montgomery Ward. Glenn Scholossberg now had his designs in stores. He attributes this early success as the foundation to all of his future successes to come. Currently, Jump Design is one of the most grand clothing manufacturers in the world.

Glenn expresses that being born and raised in New York made him a persevering entrepreneur. One thing that he believes can take any entrepreneur far is focusing on creating the best product in the early stages; and not necessarily financial pressure. By doing so, you can get your product in the right hands then finances will sort itself out. The fashion expert mentioned that New York City is the best place to meet investors. Being a prolific designer is not enough, Scholossberg says. Although one must have a high-quality product, financial support will always be a key component in taking things to the next level. To see more about Glenn you can visit wingsjournal.com