Betsy DeVos and Fair Thinking

Betsy DeVos is a woman who understands the concept of picking her battles wisely. She doesn’t ever fight battles that just aren’t worth it. She knows that there are many pointless battles in this world, too. This mother, wife, friend and Secretary of Education is from the Midwestern section of the United States. She attended college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her alma mater is called Calvin College. She was referred to as Miss Elisabeth Prince during her time there. She was anything but silent as a young and idealistic college student. She took part in a grand assortment of academic and political missions on the picturesque campus.


DeVos is busier than ever before. The wife of Richard DeVos has so many responsibilities on her delicate shoulders right now. She has a hectic schedule thanks to her position as the Education Secretary for the expansive United States. She oversees all sorts of educational matters for the huge country. She was given this job by President Donald J. Trump. He knew in his heart that she’d flourish as the Education Secretary. People who are in her life knew it all too well, too.


This determined woman thinks about education all week long. Her thinking doesn’t stop when she gets back home at night, either. That’s because she also sets aside a lot of time for philanthropy. Thinking about charity is and has always been a major pastime for her. She’s half the reason that the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation exists. This is a renowned non-profit entity that Dick and Betsy set up long ago. How do they fuel this foundation? They fuel it through their nearly constant monetary donations.


DeVos doesn’t ever sit still for too long. That’s not because she has a problem with concentration. It’s simply because she has so much to tackle all of the time. Traveling is all in a day’s work for this gal. She travels to bustling metropolises in all different corners of the United States. She went to Miami, Florida for a brief span of time back in 2018. The aim behind this trip was to speak at an event that was centered around charter schools and their trajectories. Who else was in attendance? Pitbull was. He’s a major rapper in the music scene. He’s had countless fans all over the globe for years and years now.


DeVos may seem like a quiet and stoic lady. She’s both of those adjectives. That doesn’t take away from her tenacity, though. She has a core that’s basically unstoppable. She’s the kind of person who knows how to keep her eyes on the prize no matter what. Her husband is capable of doing that as well. That may be the reason they work so well as a married couple. They’ve been practically inseparable since as long as they’ve been together. They give each other advice regularly. DeVos talks to her hubby about his career. He talks to her about her vocation, too. They don’t ever judge.


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