Betsy DeVos – Doing Right by Education

Most people think that it’s easy being in the DeVos family, but it’s actually been a difficult two years for Betsy DeVos. She has been fighting tooth and nail to get educational choice into each state, but she has been met with opposition. Why?


Many don’t like the educational choice policy because it seems like private schools would receive public funding. DeVos has pointed out that that isn’t the case and that it wouldn’t ever work that way, but many are skeptical, especially those in the teaching community. However, DeVos has been proving over and over that it’s not about funding at all. It’s about giving kids the option of where to go to school and putting them first.


DeVos spoke to Leslie Stahl in a long “60 Minutes” interview that asked lots of questions about the previous administration’s policies and how successful had she felt bout her current educational choice policies. DeVos replied that there were successful implementations in Louisiana and Florida. She stated that Florida was better for students because there were so many programs. Students were able to pick from magnet schools, homeschooling programs, virtual schools, charter schools, and private schools.


DeVos also believes that it should be a right as to where someone goes to school. It’s not every day that students are able to go to a school that has unique programs for them in music, arts, sports, and so forth, in addition to a highly competitive curriculum. DeVos just wants the best for American students. She has talked about this topic with Leslie Stahl at length as part of the interview. However, she is also visiting schools with First Lady Melania Trump.


The tour started in Florida where she and Melania Trump visited schools around Miami that were part of the program. It was easy to see how the students were affected by these programs that allowed them to get out of underprivileged schools that weren’t passing the grade.


DeVos knows that there is a problem with the standardized testing method of grading schools, but right now, she says that her policies are helping students get out of schools that try to teach directly to the test or employ common core method. While it could be a few years before she gets educational choice implemented fully in all states, she has also been working on other projects, such as school safety reform. DeVos will be working with more schools throughout 2019 and 2020.


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