Carsten Thiel: Make success of biochemistry

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin. He grew up working hard in his studies where he learned chemistry in nearby Malbook. For a while he has had a strong urge to get into the system of Anglo-Saxon education. It didn’t take him long to leave his country and head to the University of Bristol. It was there, Thiel tackled organic chemistry right after finishing a degree for a bachelor of Science.He finally settled on a focus of biochemistry. From there he went on to the well respected Max Planck Institute.

His main study was biophysical chemistry which ended up with him getting a PHD in the field of Molecular biology. It was at this time his focus began to look at the possibility of proteins leading to a transition of good healthy cells in our bodies going to cells that are cancerous.

Carsten Thiel entered into the pharmaceutical industry with Hoffman la-Roche. He held the position as the Communications and Product manager. It didn’t take a long time for him to get a great reputation within the corporation. Next, he was in charge of the market assessment and scientific marketing.

Thiel has a way he goes about his day. He take a bit to make some kind of connection with his family in the early mornings at breakfast and having some coffee. It allows him to start his day on a happy point until grow quite chaotic. Next, it’s a check of an email and browsing some of the sites of news happening on an international scale. This gives Thiel a little time by himself and keeps him abreast to what is happening.

Thiel does his best to organize his time as he finds that he has a lot of commitments to attend to throughout his busy day.

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