Dick DeVos Sets Sights on Future in Politics

Dick and Betsy DeVos have risen to prominence in the state of Michigan. Dick DeVos is the former CEO of Amway as well as the former owner of the Orlando Magic. Betsy DeVos has been elevated to a national level in the political world thanks to her position as the Secretary of Education serving under President Donald Trump. However, for Dick and Betsy DeVos, Michigan will always be their home. We can look back just over twenty years ago in order to see where Dick DeVos first start to build a name for himself in the region.


In 1991, Dick DeVos was one member of a group of business officials who would publicly fight back against the erection of a sports arena. Dick DeVos would establish the Grand Action group in order to fight for what he believed to be the best decisions regarding the growth of Grand Rapids, MI. DeVos saw how badly Detroit had faltered when the Detroit Lions and Detroit Pistons abandoned their convention centers and he knew that Grand Rapids could not survive a similar fate. The Grand Action group would effectively pull the plug on the convention center at the time while simultaneously developing a list of different projects that could benefit the city. Now, twenty years later, the work that the Grand Action group performed has effectively created the skyline that Grand Rapids enjoys today.


Dick DeVos has done plenty for Grand Rapids and the surrounding area. Now, Dick is looking to make his mark as a member of the FAA’s civilian panel. Dick DeVos was announced as a new member on the board, along with six other individuals, by Elaine L. Chao, the current U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary. The Management Advisory Council is comprised of 13 total civilian members who work hand-in-hand with senior management at the FAA in order to make decisions regarding policy, planning, regulation, and spending.


Dick DeVos has always been interested in the aviation world and he proved his merit when he helped to turn the Gerald R. Ford International Airport into a major player in the industry. DeVos worked alongside several other prominent business leaders in order to convince Southwest to bring more routes through the now busy airport. The work Dick did for the Gerald R. Ford International Airport was vital in turning around the local economy while lowering rates for airfare in the region.


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