Dr Tim Ioannides – Frontiering Healthy Skin

Dr. Tim Ioannides has been in the dermatology business for over 15 years in Florida’s Southern Coast. Having studied and now practicing in Florida he has seen his share of skin challenges such as Rosacea, psoriasis and eczema and strives to help his patients as he knows that the healthiness of your skin can influence your wellbeing. Dr. Ioannides has stayed active in the dermatological aspect of medicine instead of the plastic surgery and botox end medicine because he wants just that, to help decrease skin problems and increase people’s wellbeing.

Tim Ioannides is not a proponent of long hours in the sun, however he is a proponent of 10 minutes a day in the sun. That is long enough to not hurt your skin yet reap the benefits of the Vitamin D being produced. Since Dr. Ioannides focuses on the whole body wellbeing as much as the treatment of skin conditions, he feels the 10 minutes of sun also boosts your mood and has a great effect on the body overall.

In his years in practice, Dr. Ioannides has also focused on using a simple, affordable supplemental Vitamin D to help treat certain skin conditions. Treating the skin conditions inside the body, is the best way to get the body’s skin to glow. Most patients are not receiving enough Vitamin D with their 10 minutes in the sun and prescribing extra Vitamin D to his patients has allowed him to see the results of healthier skin.

Dr. Ioannides realizes that everyone is an individual and all patients and cases are unique. His years in the practice has allowed him to be an expert in his field. He understands the importance of healthy skin from a medical and psychological stand point and strives to improve the quality of his patience life via radiant skin.

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