YouTuber Kim Dao Gives Suggestions for Visitors to Osaka

A first time visitor to Japan can be overwhelmed by all of the things to do. Luckily, YouTuber Kim Dao created a video with 50 suggestions for things to do if you’re visiting Osaka, Japan. Learn more:


Kim Dao provides several suggestions places to shop in Osaka. Take a walk through the underground shopping malls called Umeda and Namba. There are a variety of stores and places to buy food in these shopping malls, and be sure to try neko no te, a treat shaped like a cat’s paw, in Umeda.


Food and novelty go hand in hand in Japan, and Kim Dao suggests trying a fish shaped cake at her host family’s store at Mikugi Station. The delicious cake is filled with either custard or red bean paste. Learn more:


Be sure to check out Osaka Castle, one of the most famous landmarks in the city. On a hot summer day, you can get shaved ice before or after your visit to the castle. You can also check out the aquarium called Osaka Kaiyukan or take a visit to Universal Studios Japan, Kim Dao’s favorite theme park in the country.


Kyoto is a short train ride from Osaka, and Kim Dao provides plenty of suggestions for entertainment there as well as in Kyoto. Gion, temples, and special foods to try are all on her list.


Japan is a wonderful place to visit. If you plan on visiting Osaka, be sure to check out Kim Dao’s 50 suggestions for things to do.